Career Counselling / Career Coaching

Career Counselling / Career Coaching


$350 – 90 min session (via Zoom or in person by appointment)

Our 90-minute Career Coaching / Career Counselling session is tailored to suit your individual needs, with the aim of helping you gain career clarity and direction, improve your confidence and identify ‘best fit’ careers and study options.

Whether you are confused about your career direction, unsatisfied in your current role or need help and guidance in deciding what careers you’d be best suited to and how to get there, this session is for you.

Designed to strengthen your self-awareness and confidence, this session will uncover your unique personality, strengths, interests and values, as well as ‘best fit’ career options, courses and jobs. Together we will explore the world of work, career opportunities and study options, in addition to providing you with expert feedback and advice on your Resume, Cover Letter and LinkedIn profile to amplify your impact in the market.

A Career Coaching / Career Counselling session is suited to individuals at various stages of their career, including:

  • Year 10-12 high school students needing advice on subjects, potential courses during / after high school or employment opportunities
  • University / TAFE students who need guidance on their course, subjects and career options
  • Graduates (or soon to be graduates) who need advice on their future direction or are wanting to enter the world of work in their chosen profession but not sure how to go about it
  • Individuals who are wanting to re-enter the workforce after some time away
  • Individuals who are unsatisfied in their current role (or industry) and want to change careers and direction
  • Individuals who have been made redundant and are not sure what to do next
  • Individuals impacted by a disability, injury or illness and needing to change careers
  • Individuals who want to pursue a particular career and / or further study but need help with choosing the right course

What to expect:

Prior to your Career Coaching / Career Counselling session, we will discuss your career to date and what goals or outcomes you are hoping to achieve moving forward. This will then determine how your session will be tailored and what we need to pay attention to. We may also ask you to complete an online career assessment tool to compliment your session. 

During your Career Coaching / Career Counselling session, your Career Coach / Career Counsellor will spend time getting to know you to understand your current situation, including what has led you to seeking help. Your Career Coach / Career Counsellor may ask you questions relating to your background, education, previous and current experience, lifestyle and influences, interests, strengths and goals moving forward. If you have completed a career assessment tool, they will also guide you through your assessment results, providing insights, advice and guidance on how to apply these to the world of work.

After your Career Coaching / Career Counselling session, your Career Coach / Career Counsellor will send you a detailed Action Plan outlining the insights from your session with relevant links and resources to help you begin your research to a more fulfilling career path.

Career Coaching / Career Counselling sessions are available via Zoom or in person by appointment.

Our Career Coaches / Career Counsellors are certified users of the Morrisby Profile Career Assessment tool and the Career Magnifier Assessment tool.


Follow up 60-minute sessions can be scheduled at your request and are charged at $250 per hour.
PLEASE NOTE: These sessions are suited for individuals working in non-executive or senior roles. If you are in a senior or executive position, please ask us about our Trusted Partners referral network.